Friday, July 5, 2013

Michelle Keegan favorite things

Michelle Keegan looks pretty sexy with her windblown hair on the Mcfly Show. The Coronation Street star turned 26 last month and in an interview with the Daily Express said, "My favorite place in Britain is... the Lake District. It's a beautiful part of the country and I wish I could go more often." Michelle Keegan tweeted about her favourite place outside of Britain:

"BuccBayResort....Can't WAIT to come back! My favourite place! Xx" Michelle Keegan's favorite animals are her dogs: "I'm always buying treats and clothes for them. They've even got tracksuits, which they hate, but I can't help myself." The Internet and technology are not among her favourite things. Back in January pretty girl Michelle complained: "Why isn't my iPad and iphone not connecting to my Internet when they can pick the signal up??"

Left, Michelle Keegan on a date night with boyfriend Mark Wright at the Nobu Berkeley in London, wearing a turquoise Popcouture dress. Michelle Keegan in a figure hugging white dress at the Shaka Zulu nightclub in Camden, celebrating her 26th birthday. Carrying the Chanel Classic flap bag on both nights. Michelle Keegan has said in previous interviews that her least favorite body parts are her hips and thighs, because they are too big in proportion to the rest of her body.

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